EPTDA, the leading executive association for industrial distribution distributors and manufacturers across Europe, the Middle East & Africa – is pleased to announce the launch of its latest annual Production Line Intelligence Report on Recycling. Accessible to EPTDA members only, this is the 5th series of EPTDA PLI reports that follow the success of Soft Drinks, Chocolate, Automotive and Material Handling segments.


“Our 5th PLI on Recycling is being launched at a very opportune time – as the business leaders reassess their commitment, operations and strategy to building a more responsible, sustainable and environment friendly eco-system, post the COVID-19 crisis that has shaken the grass roots of our existence,” said Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President. “Created under the strategic initiative of EPTDA’s Know Your Market Committee leaders, this report provides distribution management and their sales forces with market and production line intelligence on the recycling industry, primarily in plastic waste. It explores trends, identifies products used in recycling and the production line of recyclates and recycled materials, clarifies key challenges and considers the opportunities and how they can be capitalized.”

The EPTDA PLI on Recycling is divided into three parts:

1. Industry Overview

This first section provides an introduction and overview to the recycling industry and gives key background information, market intelligence and major players within the industry. It has been organized as follows:

  • Definition, segments within the industry and market share
  • Market size and coverage
  • European sales data and evolution
  • Current and future market trends
  • Overview of challenges
  • Key demographics
  • Key producers in the recycling industry
  • Major machine builders

2. Production Line Intelligence – the main process

This section illustrates, based on a unique schematic, the type of recycling processes found in plastic recycling, from collection, sorting, cleaning, shredding to dispatch. This provides an understanding of what is involved and where the opportunities lie. Key customer challenges, major product groups, typical maintenance and improvement projects are identified throughout the line, as well as highlighting potential areas of commercial opportunity for the distributor, giving an estimate of € value for some of these key opportunities.

3. Use by Sales Teams to develop business

The opportunities within the recycling sector, both for MRO and OEM distribution are significant – an estimated ‘scale of opportunity value’ (SOV) of € 240 million, (within an industry overall of over € 1 billion), has been estimated as available for distribution in the aftermarket. The final section, divided into preparation, the sales meeting and the follow up, proposes how the document can be used and provides open-ended questions that can be asked to prospective and actual customers in order to reinforce the knowledge gained in parts one and two and to maximise the available opportunities.

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