EPTDA Governance Structure

The General Assembly of the Members

This is the supreme body of a not-for-profit association. It has decision-making powers on issues such as amendment of the by-laws (the constitution), the appointment of working group members, the approval of budgets and annual accounts, the discharge of directors and auditors, the exclusion of a member, and the winding up or transformation of the association.

Constitutes the governing body of the association. It shall be vested with full power and authority to put into effect the laws, resolutions and decisions of the association.


This is the executive body and official secretariat of EPTDA. It ensures constant communication between the association’s leaders and its members, and carries out all related activities and projects initiated by the governing bodies and committees. The Association Headquarter is headed by the Head of Operations, whose responsibilities encompass the daily management of the association, ensuring that all actions and projects are carried out accordingly, as well as the supervision of its general office (secretariat).