EPTDA encourages member companies to invite two of their non-EPTDA member Distributor company contacts to attend the Annual Business Convention on a complimentary basis (applicable to Convention Registration Fees only).
All guests invited will be subject to review, before acceptance, to ensure that they would meet the criteria for membership, should they wish to join.

Hans Hagedoorn

Managing Director

KTR Benelux BV

The Netherlands

KTR joined the EPTDA in 2015 as a means of promoting our company, but more so to support our existing partners in distribution and make new connections. The EPTDA provides one of the best meeting places for the industry, where you can network with industry leaders and stay informed of the current trends and important issues. The association is always thinking forward, reinventing itself and continuing to add new features and services, to support, sustain and grow its membership, which keeps the network and events valuable. Serving as a leader of EPTDA for almost five years, in my role as the member of the Know Your Market Committee, has allowed me additional opportunities to get involved in the development of our industry – and not just our business. I am proud of the contributions we have made in developing Product Line Intelligence Report Series for EPTDA, where KTR provided expertise in the area of power transmission connections. Along with my fellow members, we are committed to aligning different pieces of the puzzle for new applications, solutions, innovations and progress.

The EPTDA Buddy Program is the fast-track way of getting to know other EPTDA members and building a solid network from day one of the entry into EPTDA, as a first-timer.

In an ongoing effort to attract new members to join the association, the Host Program is designed specifically for non-member company representatives attending the EPTDA Annual Business Convention.

By voluntarily taking on the role of host, EPTDA members secure a privileged access to prospective customers or partners, hence boosting their networking and business potential. The success of this program is measured in terms of the number of these prospects who become active EPTDA members.

EPTDA rewards ambassadors who contribute to the growth of the association by turning potential candidates into active members. The criteria and rewards are summarized as follows:

  • Manufacturer members will be granted specific incentives for participation in the Annual Business Convention or other programs for every new member they bring to EPTDA.
  • Distributor members will be offered special conditions on convention attendance or other programs for every company they turn into an active member.
  • These incentives apply in proportion to the number on new members introduced.

Over 100 member companies have already benefitted from these special incentives since its inception in 2009.