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The application forms give the member candidate companies a detailed overview of the EPTDA membership criteria. These admission forms also show the structure of the annual membership fees based on the sales turnover. In order to apply for admission, please download the appropriate form, fill it in duly and send it by mail or email to EPTDA, using the contact details indicated on the form.

Distributor application
Manufacturer application
Associate application

Additional programmes referred to in the applications

EPTDA Road Map / Ethical Guidelines
Required Information Change Process (RICP) – best practice manual
Charity program


The application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The admission procedure can take up to 10 working days. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call EPTDA.

In the first place, Mondial joined EPTDA because it offered the opportunity to meet the most important players in the market. Through its active membership over the years, Mondial has benefited from an exposure at international level. This enabled us to benchmark our business and gave us the chance to find out about the strategies implemented in other countries. Similarly the EPTDA platform helps us understand and seize changes at the right time, in order to be able to adapt our own business in a market characterised by continuous growth.

Vice General Manager

Mondial S.p.A.