Daido Kogyo, established in 1933 in Kaga, Ishikawa (Japan), stands as one of the world’s premier chain manufacturers. The brand, known globally as D.I.D, has garnered recognition not only within the motorcycle and automotive sectors, but also across the industrial market.

D.I.D’s product line encompasses a variety of offerings, including Conveyor Systems, Assistive Products, Automotive Timing Chains, Motorcycle Chains and Rims, and Conveyor Chains. With a presence across the globe, the company operates through 15 overseas locations, exporting to over 60 countries. The consolidated workforce of Daido Kogyo numbers 2,302 employees, highlighting the scale and reach of its operations.

For over two decades, Daido Corporation of America has been a member of PTDA. Through DID Europe SRL, 100% subsidiary of Daido Kogyo Co., the company extends its distribution network to European countries, exporting its range of chains, rims, and other parts. This strategic positioning underscores D.I.D’s commitment to delivering quality and innovation to a global audience, further solidifying its status as a leader in the manufacturing domain.

For further information, see their website: www.dideu.it