Ethical Roadmap for the PT/MC Industry

EPTDA is the leading association for industrial distribution across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), setting the highest commercial, environmental, social and ethical standards.

The association’s Ethical Roadmap came into effect in 2007 as a set of guidelines for corporate responsibility beyond legal requirements and contractual obligations. EPTDA members’ ethical commitment to sustainable and competitive business practices is based on three key principles: environmental commitment, social & ethical commitment, and fair competition. Endorsement of the Ethical Roadmap is an integral part of EPTDA membership for all existing and new members.

Code of Conduct (RICP)

The Required Information Change Process (RICP) constitutes a basic Code of Conduct between a Manufacturer and Distributors, with regard to exchange of information, data format, and timelines for delivery of information and change notifications.

The RICP formalizes ‘best practice’, ensuring that all existing EPTDA members and future applicants understand what is required. When the RICP was launched in 2010, half of EPTDA’s members – both Distributors and Manufacturers – endorsed the initiative.

The adoption rate has remained constant to date, mirroring the continuous growth in membership. These statistics demonstrate EPTDA’s commitment to encouraging an open dialogue between the Manufacturer and Distributor communities. In particular, it shows the members’ willingness to create a favorable context for the success of Distributor-Manufacturer relationships.

The EPTDA Distribution Development Committee is currently reviewing the RICP, in order to stay in line with the rapidly changing and fast-growing PT/MC industry.

Essentials of the RICP

For more information on RICP, download the comprehensive guidelines
Download the ‘Price & Discount Change Information’ and ‘Standard Product Information’