In 2019, EPTDA launched the Power Transmission Monthly Index (PTMI) program in collaboration with Redburn.

PTMI is a special monthly index created for EPTDA members, offering quality real-time industrial data available on European short-cycle industrial demand. The reports claims to offer industry level YoY growth for order intake, sales and inventories every month a few days after the month had finished, without waiting two months for Eurostat or rely on the Purchasing Manager Indices (PMIs) alone which are only base on opinion and sentiment.

  • For a detailed analysis of Orders, Revenues and Inventory changes, and future projections, join the EPTDA PTMI Program by contacting Redburn or EPTDA.

It provides the following crucial information to the EPTDA Community

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The PTMI is available on a monthly basis, only for those EPTDA members who contribute

Year on Year (YoY) percentage change, by month, in: sales, sales orders & inventory

Initially, participants are asked to supply historic data, ideally +3 years (but don’t that put you off – there is some flexibility)

On a monthly basis, participants supply 3 numbers percentage increase/decrease in these 3 categories, referencing the same month the previous year

5 days later, participants receive aggregated data in the form of graphs + narrative analysis by Redburn of the key issues they identify as a Industry Research Company

Unique! – invaluable! – confidential!

Your information is secure and is not shared with any other person or organization