Fulfilling our commitment to serving our members – in good times and in bad – despite all odds, EPTDA is moving forward with its signature MD-IDEX (Manufacturer-Distributor Idea Exchange) in a digital format for 2020.

On popular demand and recommendation of our leaders, the Digital MD-IDEX will continue to serve as a unique program specifically designed to allow both distributors and manufacturers to meet in an organized, time-efficient context over 4 days.

Unlike the face-to-face MD-IDEX Meetings, the Digital MD-IDEX will be spread out over 4 days starting Monday, 14 September 2020 from 14:30 CET till 17:15 CET or 3 meetings and finishing on Thursday 17 September 2020 from 14:30 CET till 18:15 CET or 4 meetings.

All EPTDA member companies – Manufacturers and Distributors – must register to participate in the Digital MD-IDEX program and make appointments.

Once confirmed, the MD-IDEX credentials, to book the meetings, will be sent to the first representative of the member company (unless agreed otherwise in particular cases, upon written request).

For all essential details on schedules for bookings and schedule for actual meetings, protocols for attending, recommended tools and much more, please visit our dedicated Digital MD-IDEX webpage.

For anything else, please contact us at [email protected].