The EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), the leading organisation for the mechanical power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industry in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa, takes pleasure in announcing the launch of a new proficient quarterly forecast report for its members, in partnership with the reputable advisory company, Oxford Economics.

“We are proud to announce EPTDA’s partnership with the prestigious Oxford Economics and are looking forward to giving our members the most comprehensive and relevant business intelligence data. One of EPTDA’s missions is to make sure that its members are receiving tangible benefits that can only improve their professional and personal development. Nowadays, having access to the most accurate data and being able to predict your next steps in business, are considered valuable tools for success and we want to support all our members on their continuous path for further development, with the help of such winning partnerships”, said Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President.

Oxford Economics is one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms providing reports, forecasts and analytical tools on 200 countries and 100 industrial sectors and over 4000 locations. Oxford Economics is headquartered in Oxford, England and has regional centres across the globe, London, New York, and Singapore, Oxford Economics has more than 20 offices across the globe.

The new Quarterly Oxford Economics EPTDA Industry Forecast report provides important insights into any changes and valuable information that members should be aware of. The report presents detailed information in a Industry Outlook for each country/region represented within EPTDA.

Besides these forecast reports, EPTDA offers also bi-monthly economic updates and outlook columns, in collaboration with Institute for Trends Research (ITR) Economics International. Here EPTDA members get a global perspective on economy and business trends, on which companies can rely to improve performance and profits.

Providing its members with these reports clearly indicate that EPTDA is offering tangible benefits that enhance and contribute to the professional and efficient business development of its members”, adds Hans Hanegreefs.

The new Quarterly Oxford Economics EPTDA Industry Forecast report is available for the EPTDA’s members trough the efforts of EPTDA’s Know Your Market Committee, chaired by Mr. Sertay Güner- General Manager, Caglayanlar A.S. – Turkey. The Know Your Market Committee members have worked hard to define the contents of this comprehensive and invaluable report for EPTDA Members.

The Quarterly Oxford Economics EPTDA Industry Forecast report is exclusive to EPTDA Members Only, and can be accessed from the corporate website


EPTDA is the leading association for the PT/MC industrial distribution channel in EMEA, setting the highest commercial, environmental, social, and ethical standards. EPTDA currently has a membership of 257 leading companies in 34 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Its membership represents over 26 billion euros annual sales volume and 250,000 employees. The Association’s mission is to strengthen its members in the industrial distribution channel to be successful, profitable and competitive in serving customers according to the highest standards. EPTDA takes great pride in its values, which focus on being a premier community for qualified members through open dialogue and mutual respect; acting with integrity, honesty, and fairness; and ensuring continuous growth and learning.

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