Back to 1964, YUK was founded to give solution to the need for custom-made conveyor chains in the Spanish market. Along the years, the owners developed the company to offer our customers a wider solution range, including roller chains, sprockets, gearmotors and many other additional items for the transmission sector. This led to a constant development of sales, both in the national market and in exports and to the subsequent continuous modernization of our structure.

Recently, and additional to the adaptation of our factory to the Industry 4.0 (cf. our previous article), the other big project and part of the modernization of our supply chain, has been the building of our new warehouse.

YUK constant sales increase and international expansion led us to have until 5 different warehouses; although located near the factory, those separated centers generated inconveniences and efficiency loss, in both coordination and order preparation.

In order to follow on growing on a solid basis, it became necessary to adapt our structure and centralize our operations. With the new technologies, a world of opportunities opened to us, and we decided to go for the Easy-WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Mecalux. This system is connecting directly and bidirectionally to our ERP allowing a Real Time follow-up of our stocks, and it manages the operations of reception, warehousing, picking and shipment, assuring a total traceability of the goods.

Let’s talk about figures

Our intelligent fully automated warehouse is constituted of two areas:

  1. Storage area for full pallets: for a capacity of more than 15.000 euro-pallets. This installation is completed by a launching platform that allows to work efficiently in the picking area.
  2. Storage area for picking: for a capacity of more than 13.000 boxes. This installation is completed by a conveyor area leading to the order preparation zone.

Thanks to the launching platform and the conveyor area the orders can easily be prepared in each zone or combined.

The Easy WMS management system allows to optimize the flow of both storage areas, and the integration with our ERP helps synchronizing all operations.

This Logistic centralization has permitted to reduce the costs of logistics through the optimization of resources, facilitate the manipulation of the products and increase the agility in the preparation of the orders. This automation has also improved the concept of security and ergonomics at work, reducing the risks of accidents, and it is especially beneficial for the productivity in the picking operations.

Moreover, our warehouse can easily be widened, if necessary, to evolve according to the future needs of YUK.

Our new installations show how seriously YUK has been preparing to adapt the market trends and give our customers the best installations to fulfil their needs. YUK is a company that is now prepared to go for the next step of its development, it is a company you can count with for the coming years. And of course, if you, customers, want to come and visit our new installations, it will be a pleasure and an honor to receive you.