Since its beginnings, in 1964, YUK has been specializing in the manufacturing of bespoke conveyor chains, roller chains and sprockets for the industry. In these 57 years, YUK has gone through several investment processes, but none of them so radical and complex as our recent adaptation to industry 4.0.

Smart factories represent a revolution in manufacturing: through increased automation, the use of sensors and Wi-Fi interconnection, it allows to improve the production processes, detect bottlenecks, reduce equipment downtimes.

All these changes, not only lead to the rationalization of processes, but also to a better customer care, thanks to the combination with the operational data of our ERP, supply chain, customer service.

Our manufacturing division counts with 5000 sq m of the most modern installations, including:

  • Ultimate generation laser cutting equipment
  • Ultimate generation machining robots
  • CNC and automatic milling machines
  • Eccentric punch presses
  • Hydraulic punch presses
  • Heat treatment workshop
  • Automated welding
  • Chain stretching stations
  • Chain assembly workstations

This upgrading of our production unit (together with our new warehouses and digitalization process) contributes to make our company more efficient and better prepared to face our strong international expansion.

Nonetheless, not only the technological factors are important in such a modernization process: shifting to a more modern technology leads to a major change in the workforce day to day activities. That is the reason why we have set a special training program, to allow our staff adapting successfully to their new technological environment.

All these investments lead to an improved capacity and efficiency and are part of the struggle that YUK has continuously been fighting to offer our customers the service level that they need and deserve: good quality products at the right price, availability of materials and solutions, and delivery in a reasonable period of time.