John Ellingson
John Ellingson is International Sales Director at Dodge Industrial and dedicated member of the Manufacturer Council team. Read the interview and find out what his favorite sport team is and why summer time is better than winter time.

John, our previous guest in this series, Milos Kysel, asked you: “What country or place, anywhere in the world, is your dream destination and you would like to visit?”

My role as International Sales Director for Dodge has provided many incredible experiences to engage interesting customers and colleagues in unfamiliar cultures. I’ve been fortunate in my travels to visit 44 countries spread across nearly every continent. In light of recent events, perhaps the one place that sadly seems will forever remain only in my dreams is a return trip to visit the distributors and customers I met several years ago in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

As teenager, what job were you thinking to do in your future life?

I always pictured myself selling mounted bearing units, gearboxes and belt drive components to industrial customers all over the world – isn’t that every teenager’s vision? (I’m just kidding.)

Do you like more summer time or winter time?

Without a doubt, I prefer summer time mostly because of the increased number of daylight hours. I enjoy outdoor activities and after a long day at work, it’s nice when there is still time for a walk, a bike ride, a swim or a game of golf, etc.

Which sport event do you like to visit? What is your favorite team?

I grew up playing ice hockey and my favorite team remains the Chicago Blackhawks (struggling now but wait ‘til next year!). Also, I now live in the Southeast US where College (American) Football is king. I enjoy watching the Clemson Tigers where all my children went to school – less than 1 hour from Greenville, SC where I live.

Our next guest will be Florian Ostendarp, member of the KYMC – what question have you always wanted to ask him?

How often do you have nightmares about supply chain disasters? – or, when you’re away from work, what do you enjoy doing the most to take your mind off the challenges of today’s supply chain issues?