In this new EPTDA Market Insights we cover the following:

Power Transmission Monthly Index (PTMI): The EPTDA Bureau is offering a free sample of the PTMI report from January 2020

Download the sample report

This is the kind of analysis participant members receive on a monthly basis – within 10-15 working days after month-end.

As can be seen from the analysis of the January 2020 numbers, Redburn were already forecasting an 8% drop in China GDP:

  • It is invaluable information, showing actual ‘real-time’ performance with expert financial analysis;
  • It represents actual market conditions in the PT Industry – distributors and manufacturers;
  • It is ‘priceless’ – but ‘free’ to contributors.

To join in and receive this monthly analysis, all you have to do is to send Redburn three numbers, monthly:

  • YoY Sales Turnover in percentage up or down
  • YoY Sales Order Value in percentage up or down
  • YoY Inventory Levels in percentage up or down

No information on actual sales in currency is required – just the percentage up or down.

No transmission of your numbers to anyone else – it is collectively anonymized.

  • This condition is protected by an agreement with Redburn.

Planned next steps:

  • Once Redburn has five participants per country, they are able to produce Country reports;
  • Online ‘PTMI Review Meetings’ for participant members – to consider the commercial implications of the results;
  • Drive to gain more participant members to generate and gain from this great resource.

To get insights into Redburn’s forecast for Q4 and trend analysis, get onboard the Power Transmission Monthly Index program. The research is only available to members who are actively contributing with key trends and indices to the sample research. Get in touch with us at or

Oxford Economics Industry Outlook

For EPTDA, Oxford Economics report covers detailed analysis of Manufacturing Output, Construction Output, Service Sector Output, Value of Industrial Production per country, overall Industrial Production as a share of GDP, and top 10 fastest-growing and slowest-growing sectors per country. Read more >

EU Monitoring: Brexit Impact

EPTDA members need to know that the worst-case scenario is if following Brexit, the UK is no longer part of the EU’s customs union. Then customs checks may be required for goods entering and leaving the EU, resulting in increased costs or delays. Read more >

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