Oxford Economics – Industry Forecast Report Q2-2022

Most of the countries covered in the data are forecasted to lag economic growth in 2022 in the industrial production and manufacturing output in 2022, with the exception of Poland which will outpace economic growth in 2022, increasing by 8.6% and having the manufacturing output expanding by 7.8% in 2022.

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EU Monitoring: Three major trends that will impact the Power Transmission sector

The global electric transmission and distribution equipment market is expected to reach an estimated $312.8 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4,8% over this period, according to a recent report. But like every other industry, this one too is a subject of disruption.

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Production Line Intelligence (PLI) Report – Forestry Industry

Exclusively for EPTDA members, the Forestry PLI reports on the latest market insights, explores the production process and key stages at the sawmill (with Power Transmission in mind), and identifies critical projects and opportunities within the industry.

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PTMI is a special monthly index created for EPTDA members, offering quality real-time industrial data available on European short-cycle industrial demand. The report claims to offer industry level YoY growth for order intake, sales and inventories every month, two weeks after the month had finished, without waiting two months for Eurostat or rely on the Purchasing Manager Indices (PMIs) alone which are only base on opinion and sentiment.

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