Our esteemed guest of the recently hosted webinar by EPTDA is an inspiring second-generation entrepreneur, who is on a mission to help people ‘optimize instead of maximize’ their performances – precisely, what the world today needs to hone into to effectively cope-up with the COVID19 Pandemic.

During the session, Annastiina conscientiously unpeeled the layers that all of us are going through at our work and personal space in this crisis, which she believes, although, is a collective experience, still has a unique flavor to it.

Aspects like zoom fatigue or simply feeling weird due to a myriad of reasons is stressing all of us at various levels. The multiple stressors ranging from health and money concerns to feeling isolated and a lack of self-worth is doing immense wrong not just to our immune systems and physical health, but also to our memory, creativity, problem-solving capability, and empathy. The increasing burnout is causing exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy.

However, she stresses that the benefits of ‘work from home’ like autonomy, competence, and relatedness drive intrinsic motivation inside people. People have a more flexible environment to juggle better between chores and assignments. They are finding grounds at work more leveled and approachable.

The mantra for ‘Sustainable high performance’ is ‘Holistic health and wellbeing’ – believes Annastiina Hinsta of Hinsta Performance.

The vital question that Annastiina tackled was how can one optimize their performance in the current scenario. She suggests that designing office rituals is a great thing to do. Further, she emphasized the significance of appropriate ergonomics, avoiding multi-tasking, and reducing mental stimuli by keeping distractions at the lowest.

To those at the forefront, her message is, this is a time to become better managers and leaders. She insists that managers must overcommunicate to ascertain clarity. Extending an overdose of compassion, establishing connections, and being extra mindful is the need of the hour. With that, she mentioned that it is time for managers to be more vulnerable, humane, and accepting of their flaws to provide psychological safety to their workforce. While it is necessary to empathize, she cautioned managers against getting too involved, and instead seeking professional help.

EPTDA extends a sincere thanks to the CEO of Hinsta Performance – Ms. Annastiina Hinsta for such an illuminating and informative session. Please click on the link below to learn how you can help yourself optimize your work-rhythm during this pandemic of the millennium.

In case you missed it, please listen to this inspiring session on Vimeo.