Following the 2022 Ordinary Annual General Meeting that took place online at the end of July 2022, the EPTDA AGM appointed a new Board of Directors for 2022-2024.

More precisely, the EPTDA AGM elected the Board of Directors for a term of office of two year, starting on September 29, 2022. Luca Martelli, CEO of TRM, steps in as the new EPTDA President, and Henrik Walter, CEO of Nomo Kullager AB, takes the role of EPTDA’s Vice-President. The former EPTDA President, Des Spillings, Division Manager at Axel Johnson International is now EPTDA’s new Treasurer.

The new Board of Directors members are:

The EPTDA Board of Directors is responsible for the following tasks, and represents the interests of the EPTDA member companies:

  • Determine the general direction and policies of the association
  • Constitute the governing body of the association
  • Serve as trustee for all properties and funds
  • Establish a strategic plan
  • Safeguard and promote EPTDA’s brand values and promote awareness of the association
  • Ensure support for the association throughout the industry

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