On 22 June, the EPTDA Leadership met for their first in-person meeting of 2023 in Amsterdam. Following their meetings, EPTDA volunteers took part in an interactive workshop, hosted by Caspar Craven.

Caspar Craven is a high-performance teamwork specialist, whose talks are based on his personal experiences and amazing real life stories. His workshop was packed with insightful takeaways that can use immediately both at work and home. He shared some of the main ideas into an article that can be downloaded, and here are some of the ideas:

  • My mentor used to say to me that if you plan to be in the business that you are in today in five years’ time, then you won’t be in business. Different words but same result – how can you think differently for the future.
  • We only hear what we understand. Take the time to truly understand. Without this, you won’t hear the real messages.
  • We all struggle at times. The more our teams (at work and at home) can work together to deal with hard times, the better and faster we can adapt.
  • Ask people who know you well what you are exceptional at. Other people can see us better than we see ourselves.

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