Much has changed in the past five years. Massive shifts in how PT/MC customers access information and obtain products have created new demands for distributors. Earn more customers’ business with data on their needs provided in the recently released Voice of the Customer Report – available exclusively to PTDA/EPTDA members at no cost.

Learn how to remain relevant and grow sales as you deliver the resources, shopping and purchasing services and support customers seek. Use the insights to craft or refresh your customer strategy, reinforcing the value you bring to customer relationships.

“End-customer research conducted by PTDA uncovered several important items that members can use,” says Mueller. “The study identified four specific items that are the best predictors of customer loyalty. Three of them are especially vital for members to act on. Digital methods of researching, finding and selecting products are most often used. The report, and upcoming webinar identify the most important methods.”

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn in the report and how to apply it to your business:

  • Key capabilities drive loyalty. Easy ordering and returns, 24-hour emergency service and regular inventory availability are just a few that top the list. What services and capabilities can you add to continue to be the supplier of choice for your customers?
  • E-commerce is here to stay, with more than half of respondents stating they “very frequently” or “frequently” order through a website using a computer. What changes can you make to your website for a more user-friendly and top-notch customer service experience?
  • Sales and service representatives remain essential in the customer journey, with half of respondents indicating they still look to a manufacturer or distributor for assistance when shopping. How can you better equip your team with the product and application knowledge to set you apart from competitors and marketplaces?

Want to know more?

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