Since its foundation in 1964, YUK has continuously evolved to adapt to the needs of its customers.

In 2002, YUK registered its own registered trademark ZK®, developing a full range of chains for the transmission industry, with a competitive relation between quality and price. Hereunder are some advantages of the ZK® chains:

  • Medium/High quality chains, rivalling with the best world players in the segment.
  • Full solution range: ISO/ASA roller chains, side bow chains, agricultural chains, leaf chains, rubber block chains, chains with attachments or with extended pins (standard or custom made).
  • Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Dacromet, nickel plated.
  • Chains marked: ZK Spain.
  • Design boxes branded: ZK®.
  • ZK® Chains are suitable for most industrial applications.
  • Rigorous quality check all along the production line.
  • All ZK® chains are delivered pre-stretched. A second pre-stretching as per customer requirement is possible.
  • Matching and pairing: chains can be prepared to work in parallel, upon client request. YUK’s pairing system is very accurate and effective, and all chains come to the same length so that there is no need to mark them. This is an advantage of YUK, and it makes the chains very easy to install, with the subsequent time saving.
  • Production for specific roller chains with extended pins or attachments, as per customer requirements (either standard or custom made).
  • A huge range and important stocks are maintained in the new 14.000 m2 fully automated warehouse. More than 7 million € stocks assure a high product availability.

You can check prices and availability or require access to YUK’s B2B e-commerce platform where you will get access to the prices and stocks of their standard items.

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