Since 2015, YUK has been a manufacturer member of the EPTDA. Becoming a member company was an important decision, as it helped us enhancing our international projection, while increasing our business expansion throughout the European market.

As the biggest and most active association in Europe, the image given by the EPTDA is unbeatable.

Thanks to the conventions, we have been able to network, make new contacts and get new customers, and to remain informed about the trends of the power transmission sector and its evolution; all that in a distended professional atmosphere.

A more than positive experience!

YUK’s production plant

And now, through this article, we can reach all the members. Should you be interested in learning more about YUK and how we have been improving our company in those last three years, we invite you to read the series of articles published previously on EPTDA’s newsroom.

In any case, thank you to the EPTDA team for their incredible efficiency and proactivity, both in normal and turbulent times.

We will collaborate for many years still and we are eagerly looking to meeting you all in Warsaw, at the next Annual Business Convention.