In the early 2000s, the computer revolution led us to implement an ERP system which allowed us to improve the service given to our customers. With the further developments of Information Technology and the Internet, the digital era offered a much wider range of possibilities, giving us the possibility to implement solutions reaching all the areas of our company. The recent adaptation of our factory to Industry 4.0, and the centralization of our operations in our new and fully automated warehouse, are investments that would have been nonsense without a complete digital transformation policy of YUK.

Automated logistics give their full performance when they are linked to an e-commerce platform (in our case B2B). The orders, automatically processed, are directly transmitted to our Easy-WMS (Easy-Warehouse Management System), allowing an immediate treatment of the orders, and thus, time saving, by avoiding mistakes and delays; our staff can then concentrate better on customer attention and specific requests. The implementation of the B2B has been a great success, and each time more customers are using the platform, making the volume of orders processed online growing quicker than we originally expected. Constantly updated, our e-commerce platform grants full access to our stocks and net prices in real time, allows to prepare most of the shipments in the same day by giving online processed orders priority treatment inside our warehouse, not to speak about the extra discount applied on all orders made online.

One other very important part of our digitalization process has been the implementation of the DOCUWARE software, that allows to digitalize and classify all documents, and grant access to any user inside the organization at any time. It has allowed to accelerate the information processing by guaranteeing immediate access to the documentations at all levels in the company, and it has led to a drastic reduction in the consumption of ink and paper, contributing to a better care of the environment.

The incorporation of a Business Intelligence software has also allowed to simplify the day-to-day treatment of statistics, giving us a better visibility of the situation of YUK in real time and contributing to simplify the decision-making process.

The use of Teams, Zoom or Webex technologies for online conferences and meetings has also been generalized, allowing us to be in close and immediate contact with our customers, suppliers, and employees when they work in remote mode. It was a very powerful tool during the toughest times of Covid.

LinkedIn was also chosen as our privileged networking platform for customer information and leads research, by publishing posts on projects, articles about the evolution of YUK, making campaign… it is a great tool for information and for inbound marketing purposes. More recently, we have been working in the implementation of a new CRM that will help us improving the attention given to our customers.

Digitalization has also affected the way we collaborate with transport agents and customers by automating many processes.

All these improvements have generally allowed us to focus on the most important matters and add a greater value to our daily actions. Digitalization is one of the musts to follow for progressing in our path to excellence.