Peter Annis and Gary Jenkins set up the B2B platform in 1996 in Peter’s basement. Since then, their creation has become an industry-renowned platform, which has helped to change the way thousands of bearing and power transmission companies do business.

Peter has decided to step down after running BearingNet for more than a quarter of a century and is now passing the torch to the next generation.

After Joining BearingNet in 2007 as a university placement student, going on to organize the user meetings and head the sales and marketing team, Nicola Beer has taken Peter’s place as Managing Director.

Peter Annis: “It is the perfect time for Nicola to take over running BearingNet. She is super talented, hardworking and everything that you need in a modern Managing Director. I really look forward to seeing her develop over the next few years and seeing the company go from strength to strength. Well done, Nicola!”

BearingNet has been through a year-long succession phase and is now ready to take on the next chapter and see what the future brings. Nicola along with the leadership team, Gary Jenkins, Chris Howard and Cheryl O’Hara will be working with the BearingNet team and their 2,000 members to ensure a great future for BearingNet.

Nicola Beer: “I am very excited to take on this new role, (and maybe a little scared with some big boots to fill), but I am confident I will make the future of BearingNet a great one! I have a fantastic team working with me and doing this for such a long time means I have formed some brilliant relationships with so many of our customers. This really helps ensure we can listen to our members and continue to create something that is both needed and wanted.”