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The inherent problem of instability in exacting drives, and difficult conditions is one which has been a major challenge for design engineers for decades. Permanently bonding sets of V-belts together to form a single unit, or banded belt, virtually eliminates the problem of belts ‘whipping’ or turning in the pulleys.

Banded belts are produced using a highly engineered tie-band which runs on the back of the belts, tying them together and evenly distributing the load and wear. Available in Classical, Wedge and Narrow sections, and in Wrapped and Cogged constructions. They are also available in the higher specification Muscle and Terminator derivatives.

Banded Belts are widely used in heavy-duty machinery, such as combine harvesters, agricultural implements, forestry woodcutters, woodchippers; mining, screening, crushing, and recycling machinery. Essentially, this is the ideal solution for many applications with pulsating, or shock, loads, especially when the drive has a long center distance.

DistagQCS are proud to be the exclusive distributor of PIX V-Belts since 1989. With the experience gained in the UK and Irish market over the past 25 years, DistagQCS and PIX are your #1 partner for belts in the UK and Ireland.

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