EPTDA was founded as the European Power Transmission Distributors Association in 1998 in Marbella, Spain, on the initiative of a group of power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industrialists who believed in bringing together distributors and manufacturers involved in the PT/MC business on one unique platform. This initiative was strongly supported by Heinz Landhäusser, EPTDA’s Founding President, and the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), EPTDA’s sister organisation in the US.

Since its inception, EPTDA has evolved to adapt to the organisation’s ever-changing and growing needs. From a non-stock corporation registered in the US state of Delaware in 1998, EPTDA was established as a Belgian not-for-profit association in 2004. Initially based in Heidelberg, Germany (1998-2003), its headquarters were moved to the Belgian capital of Brussels in 2003, where EPTDA now holds a strategic position from which to coordinate its activities.

EPTDA started with only 38 members back in 1998. On its “road show” across Europe – the annual conventions and key industry fairs – the organisation has raised its brand awareness, gained influence, helped to improve business practices and standards, and attracted new members.

Expanding more and more in emerging markets, EPTDA in 2013 gained its status as the sole representative body of its kind for the Europe, the Middle-East and Africa region, hence becoming the EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association.

Today, EPTDA has become the largest organisation of PT/MC distributors and manufacturers in EMEA. It is one of the most powerful and respected B2B, executive platforms for the industry worldwide.

EPTDA strives continually to develop relevant tools for its members, helping them stay competitive in constantly evolving marketplace and business environment. Such tools include the Trend Data Survey, Benchmark Analysis, Market Forecast, Economic Outlook, Required Information Change Process (RICP), EU Monitoring Reports, Ethical Roadmap, Blue Book, Next Generation Forum, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn), and many more.

Brand-enhancing programmes, targeted strategy and campaigns, and world-class industry events are also part of EPTDA's ongoing growth strategy.

EPTDA 2019 – Production Line Intelligence, Material Handling

PLI 3: Automotive Industry

PLI 2: Confectionery Industry

PLI 1: Soft Drinks Industry

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The EPTDA is fully dedicated to the fight against counterfeits in the PT/MC industry