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Leadership in a Digital (and Post-Pandemic) World

Part 1

Tom Gale

15 July 2020

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Our world – and our industry – has changed forever

Please join your EPTDA Future Leader colleagues for a series of virtual meetings to network and learn the latest thinking and insight on how leading companies are rebuilding their leadership and communication methods, sales teams and operations to be stronger in the future. Our first two will take place the 15th and 29th of July, 15:00-17:00 CET.
Now more than ever, it’s important to stay in touch with what other companies and industry leaders are doing to reshape their value to customers, sell and engage in new ways, and work effectively as a team together. Here are topics we will discuss in July, and you will have a chance to discuss other challenges your team is trying to solve as well:
  • Rebuilding sales teams for remote selling/video consulting
  • Leadership in a remote workplace: trust, motivation, teamwork, communication
  • Ideas to get your team to be more customer focused: services, digital, etc.
  • Digital platforms and sales models for the Next Normal: communication, training, value-added services
You will find new ideas and learn what others are doing differently today in these meetings, which will combine some presentation but also group discussion to compare notes and help solve common leadership challenges. Facilitated by Tom Gale, CEO of the market research and media firm Modern Distribution Management, join the conversation and register now to discuss the ideas most important to you and colleagues to help you lead your company forward to the best future possible.

To provide EPTDA Future Leader members an opportunity to learn, discuss and network with their peers, these virtual meetings in 2020 (July, October, November) will combine a small amount of presentation on a topic, and then group discussion. Attendees will be asked to provide their ideas and current challenges for the discussion. Guest speakers will be invited to share their knowledge with the group.

Tom Gale

CEO at Modern Distribution Management (MDM)

Tom Gale has been the lead researcher and industry analyst for more than 25 years for Modern Distribution Management, a market research and media company that provides market intelligence, trend analysis and market analytics tools focused on wholesale distribution and industrial markets globally. Key research interests include independent distribution channel dynamics, consolidation trends, technology and competitive landscape. Tom is a frequent speaker and facilitator on these topics at company, marketing group and association meetings in North America and Europe.

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15 July 2020, 15:00 – 17:00 CET

Future Leaders Virtual Roundtable: Leadership in a Digital (and Post-Pandemic) World | Part 1

EPTDA encourages all its members to pass on this invitation to their young talents to attend.