Environment has been a global concern for years, and yet, although people and companies and countries are each time more aware of the necessity of taking strong actions to reduce pollution and waste, and increase recycling initiatives, there is still a lot to do as we have been able to see once again, on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow last November.

YUK has since long ago been aware of the importance of taking care of the environment, paying a special attention to energy saving, waste reduction, and recycling. This committed focus weighed very heavy in our decisions of investment.

The modernization of our installations (adaptation of our factory to industry 4.0 and the building of our automated warehouse), have allowed us to become more energy efficient by implementing more modern machines; the subsequent improvement in the precision of our production has also led us to a consequent waste reduction.

Moreover, we have implemented a more coherent recycling policy, tending towards zero waste and we have been working on the conscientization and involvement of our workforce.

Implementing the Docuware technology in our offices has also allowed us to reach a high digitalization grade and rationalize the use of printers and photocopying machines, succeeding in reducing drastically paper and ink consumption.

Another very important issue, has been rationalizing the use of plastic film for packaging, diminishing the annual quantities from around 10.000 kg to 2.500 kg, an outstanding 75% reduction for this environmentally harmful material!

Last year, we also installed solar panels in our factory in order to reduce our environmental carbon footprint and our energy dependence, something especially important at a moment when the energy costs are rising.

Being especially conscientized and committed with the preservation of the environment is probably due to the fact that YUK has for so long been producing custom made chains and sprockets for the recycling, waste, and renewable energy industries. We are not only proud to take care of the environment, but we also feel exalted to help the companies involved in the process, by manufacturing bespoke solutions for their conveyors and machines.

We all are responsible for making the planet a better place, not only for us, but also for the future generations.