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Level up your leadership skills

Join the EPTDA Leadership Academy, a brand new concept whereby EPTDA offers a full 1-year training program to all aspirational leaders among us; developed in close collaboration with Target Training, a specialized training company with more than 25 years experience in the field and in training of members in the PT/MC Industry.

Why would you join?

  • active training by professionals, inviting the participants to take part in the sessions and thinking about the topic; with dedicated sessions safeguarding the possibility to share experiences from participant to participant, to network and interact with other PT/MC professionals;
  • no age restrictions, open for members and non-members;
  • scheduled around lunch time with a max duration of 2 hours, taking your professional duties into account;
  • conducted by native English trainers;
  • a certificate of training;
  • voluntarily follow up meetings between the training sessions, organized by the EPTDA Bureau;
  • easily to register via a dedicated website: eptda.academy
  • and at a very good fee rate: only 200 EUR (+VAT, if applicable) for members and 250 EUR (+VAT, if applicable) for non-members.