Leading B2B event in the industry

Leading B2B event in the industry

Highly acclaimed B2B event in EMEA for PT/MC decision-makers

EPTDA’s Annual Conventions are highly acclaimed by PT/MC professionals as being the leading B2B event in Europe, Middle East and Africa for decision-makers of the power transmission and motion control industry, providing unparalleled time- and cost-saving solutions for expanding business networks and enhancing knowledge.

Next convention: EPTDA London 2018

EPTDA's Annual Convention will be hosted on 26-28 September 2018 in London, UK.


1. Connect with the movers and shakers, thought leaders and influencers of the PT/MC industry at EPTDA London 2018.

2. Take advantage of the most cost-efficient and powerful connection hub, allowing you to meet with all your peers in ONE place at ONE specific time.

3. Make the most of the opportunities to discuss industry issues, best practices and innovative solutions, both formally and informally.

4. Benefit from perfectly organised B2B meetings, matching A-brand distributors and manufacturers at MD-IDEX, and distributors with peer distributors during D2D meeting sessions.

5. Discover a large number of EPTDA first-timers and establish new partnerships with proven high-quality EPTDA members and future members.

6. Meet tomorrow’s industry leaders while interacting with Young Business Potentials and NexGen representatives taking part in tailor-made educational programmes.

7. Enjoy world-class presentations from speakers discussing real-life business cases and forward-thinking strategies.

8. Follow the shaping-up of the industry: EPTDA will surprise you with strategies for the future, aimed at building new generations of valuable professionals.

9. Enjoy London! Benefit from the exclusive accommodation offer and immerse yourself in London’s lifestyle.

10. Come and meet us. You simply cannot afford to miss EMEA’s leading PT/MC industry event: the 21st annual summit!

Also, you can log on to www.eptdaconvention.org for more details.

Tangible benefits

The EPTDA Annual Conventions generate tremendous added value for all attending, as well as optimum exposure for sponsors!

EPTDA members can invite 2 non-member distributor companies to join the next EPTDA Convention for FREE (*) !

Manufacturer and distributor members supporting this initiative will benefit from the EPTDA incentive scheme for every company they would contribute to turn into active EPTDA members after the convention. The Distributor reference form may be downloaded from here.

(*) Valid on convention registration fees only. Travel and accommodation are not included.

This professional industry conference is hosted annually, generally at the end of September, and is open to both EPTDA members and non-members. It offers supreme, tangible benefits, including:

  • A premier connection hub for global PT/MC decision makers
  • The only executive networking event gathering more than 400 PT/MC key decision-makers in one place at one time
  • Powerful and cost-efficient B2B meeting platform for distributors and manufacturers
  • Inspiring, leading-edge educational programs featuring prominent business leaders as keynote speakers
  • Real-life business examples of forward-thinking strategies
  • Extensive opportunities to discuss industry issues, best practices and innovative ideas, both formally and informally
  • An enticing social program for partners and spouses
  • The opportunity to meet in one of the most sought-after destinations in the world

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