2013-2018 strategic plan

2013-2018 strategic plan

EPTDA's 2018 strategy focuses on the end-customer and modern technology, in compliance with the highest standards

In 2013, the EPTDA Leaders assessed their existing strategic plan in order to best adapt to new and future environment and conditions, and anticipate upcoming challenges. As a result, a new 5-year strategic plan was established for 2013-2018. The plan includes reviewed mission, vision and strategic goals, as described hereinafter.


EPTDA’s mission is to strengthen its members in the industrial distribution channel to be successful, profitable and competitive in serving customers according to the highest standards.


To be the leading community in the EMEA region for industrial distribution, as recognized by customers


The association takes great pride in its values which focus on being a premier community for qualified members through open dialogue and mutual respect; acting with integrity, honesty and fairness; and ensuring continuous growth and learning.

Strategic Objectives 2018

  1. Broaden and deepening EPTDA's membership base
  2. Transform EPTDA into a community with full focus on modern communication
  3. Serve the end-customer according to the highest standards
  4. Strengthen members to be successful, profitable and competitive
  5. Establish EPTDA as a quality stamp

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