To be launched in September at EPTDA Annual Convention

EPTDA is introducing Power Transmission Monthly Index (PTMI) in collaboration with Redburn and e-t2i associates at its 2019 Annual Convention in September.

PTMI is available for EPTDA members only and provides the following crucial information to the Distribution Community:

  • Up-to-date ‘real-time’ information on the status of the Industry
  • Unique – no one else has, or can get, this information
  • Enables competitor benchmarking - answering the question “how is my business doing against the competition?”
  • Valuable for short-term planning
  • Check & balance between:
    • Order Intake
    • Revenue
    • Stock levels
  • Useful for longer-term performance assessment
  • Can be compared to other indices and economic forecasts – for ‘sanity checking’.

The September debut report will include a thorough analysis of data provided by EPTDA members:

Annual Data (required once a year)

  • Annual Sales €M

Monthly Data (required once a month)

  • Input Required ["like for like" - ie. without Fx, Acquisition, Divestment]
    • PT ‘Year on Year - Order Value Change’
    • PT ‘Year on Year - Sales Value Change’
    • PT ‘Year on Year’ - Inventory Value Change’

Click here to download the Redburn presentation.

Click here to download the Redburn - EPTDA PTMI - historical input excel document.

Click here to download the Redburn - EPTDA PTMI manufacturer historical input excel document.

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