EPTDA has allied with some of the most powerful forecasters, the Institute for Trend Research (ITR) with track records of 96% accuracy, to provide quarterly market forecast reports tailored to the needs of the mechanical power transmission and motion control industry.

These reports include analysis of economic development and industrial production in Europe and North America, as well as a sneak preview of market conditions in China and India. The quarterly forecast also addresses as many end industries as:

Market chart
  1. Food & beverage equipment
  2. Mining
  3. Automotive
  4. Industrial machinery (OEM)
  5. Agriculture equipment
  6. Power generation
  7. Material handling equipment
  8. Pulp & paper
  9. Oil & gas industry

EPTDA members can access the full Economic Forecast reports in the Members Area (click here).

Progress in 2013 signals recovery underway. Keys to grow sales in 2013-2014

13/6/2013Accurate market and economic data are key to business success. The quarterly EPTDA Market Forecasts provide professionals in the power transmission and motion control sector with a reliable industry barometer...

EPTDA Market Forecast predicts mild recovery in 2013-2014

6/3/2013In these times, accurate market and economic data are more than crucial to business success. The quarterly EPTDA Market Forecasts provide EPTDA and PTDA members with a reliable industry barometer, focusing on...

EPTDA economic outlook reports encouraging progress from Germany, North America and Southeast Asia

26/3/2013In its recent economic outlook, EPTDA’s Economic Forecaster Alan Beaulieu reports that improving German exports provide encouraging signs for Europe’s largest economy. Combined with an increasing investor act...

3 Dec 2012 - EPTDA's Market Forecast predicts mild growth in Europe & North Amercia and robust increase in Asia

Access to market trend information has been identified by the EPTDA members as a key priority. With its quarterly Market Forecasts, EPTDA provides members with a reliable industry barometer, focusing on Europe as well...

19 Nov 2012 - EPTDA Economic Outlook predicts favourable interest rates

EPTDA's fresh bimonthly Economic Outlook, November-December issue, indicates that EPTDA members can be confident that interest rates in the eurozone will remain favourable through at least the next few quarters.As US...

5 Sep 2012 - Market Forecast August 2012

EPTDA's Market Forecast Report, August 2012: monitor both European and the North American industries and productionsIdentified among the top priorities by our members is access to market trend information. The Market...

22 Mar 2012 - EPTDA Market Forecast Report predicts rise as of 4Q2012

EPTDA released its latest Market Forecast Report (EPTDA's Industry Barometer) in association with ITR (Institute for Trend Research), and as part of the growing tangible EPTDA membership benefits' offer.Despite finish...

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