EPTDA has allied with some of the most powerful forecasters, the Institute for Trend Research (ITR) with track records of 96% accuracy, to provide quarterly market forecast reports tailored to the needs of the mechanical power transmission and motion control industry.

These reports include analysis of economic development and industrial production in Europe and North America, as well as a sneak preview of market conditions in China and India. The quarterly forecast also addresses as many end industries as:

Market chart
  1. Food & beverage equipment
  2. Mining
  3. Automotive
  4. Industrial machinery (OEM)
  5. Agriculture equipment
  6. Power generation
  7. Material handling equipment
  8. Pulp & paper
  9. Oil & gas industry

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SLOW GROWTH IN WESTERN EUROPE AND A STEADY, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH IN EASTERN EUROPEEconomic growth is slowing in Western Europe. Germany and the UK are keeping the overall Western European economy afloat.Annual Eastern E...

4 Jun 2012 - EPTDA releases June Market Forecast

The European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) just published the new issue of its EPTDA Market Forecast series.This latest release of EPTDA's “industry barometer” now also includes an analysis of th...

EPTDA Market Forecast, 3Q14 - Mild expansion in European Industrial Production

Annual Europe Industrial Production is expanding mildly, up 1.0% from last year. Despite this shift into year-overyear expansion, expect growth to remain modest and annual Production to grow only moderately through 20...

30 Jul 2012 - European mild recovery anticipated in 2013 and opportunities in China, US & Turkey

30/7/2012Fresh economic outlook by EPTDA’s Economic Forecaster Alan Beaulieu shows that results through May 2012 for Europe Industrial Production are on target with late-2011 forecast; however, a proactive change in t...

Accelerating industrial production in Eastern Europe and declining Europe Area Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

18/07/2014According to EPTDA's July/August 2014 report, the growth expected in the economy in Eastern Europe will provide more new opportunities for businesses in industrial production than Western Europe through at l...

Annual Europe Industrial Production in accelerating growth

04/06/2014EPTDA has released the second quarter market forecast of 2014 done together with our partners at ITR Economics. Annual Europe Industrial Production transitioned into Phase B, Accelerating Growth, in the firs...

National economies boost mild growth in Europe industrial production through 2014

6/9/2013The latest quarterly EPTDA Market Forecast indicates that Europe will benefit from the expanding US economy, resulting in a mild European economic recovery during the second half of this year and extending thr...

Tangible signs of recovery augur for interesting opportunities through 2014

9/12/2013With its tailor-made quarterly market forecast, EPTDA is bringing the latest of PT/MC market and end-user industries to your fingertips.According to the November 2013 report, European industrial production is...

Economic Outlook indicates solid export opportunities

26/9/2013Capitalise on export until positive business cycle returns in 2015EPTDA’s bimonthly economic outlook indicates that good conditions in UK, Russia, Turkey, the US, and China should provide European businesses...

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