EU Monitoring Reports

EU Monitoring

EU Monitoring

In an ever-changing borderless business environment you must monitor what is happening in the European legislative landscape in order to stay competitive.

The ABCs of EPTDA's EU monitoring

You are proud of your products, people and services – they are polished to perfection thanks to the countless hours you have devoted to develop them. You know you need to be world-class to survive in these days. But in an ever-changing borderless business environment even perfect products are not enough. You must also look and think outside the box. What is happening in the surrounding society and in the global economy?

This is why EPTDA has taken steps in monitoring the EU legal developments. EPTDA issues regular EU Monitoring reports as new updates appear in the European legislative landscape. These reports provide tailored inside information in an efficient and economical way.

As a tangible benefit, EPTDA members access these analyses in full for free.

Under the loop

The EPTDA EU Monitoring reports shed lights on topics encompassing, amongst others:

  • Transport
  • EU Metric Directive
  • CLP Directive
  • EU Distribution Law and the Single Market
  • Combatting Counterfeits
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Energy saving and environment
  • And many others

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Previous EU-Monitoring Reports topics

59. A sustainable Bioeconomy for Europe

58. Brexit - Latest developments

57. Circular Economy: A more sustainable way to do business

56. An Important Legal Step Towards Tackling Unfair Trading Practices and Protecting the European Companies

55. More Flexibility on VAT Rates

54. ePrivacy Regulation: What Changes in 2018?

53. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Get Ready, the Clock is Ticking!

52. Cross-Border Transaction Fees

51. How safe are your company's secrets?

50. Robots and the Future of Business

49. CETA and its implications

48. Simplified rules to support business and online sales across the European Union

47. The common consolidated corporate tax base and other proposals made by the European Commission in the taxation area

46. European Commission report - EU e-commerce sector inquiry - initial findings

45. VAT Implications of BREXIT

44. European Parliament has adopted the Trade Secrets Directive

43B: European Commission Work plan for 2016

43A: A new draft communication of the European Commission on emissions target

42. EU-China and EU-Japan trade relations

41. Latest Energy Related News from Brussels

40. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

39. EU Digital Single Market Strategy

38. CLP Directive

37. Competitiveness report 2014

36. European Commission Work Plan 2015

35. Industrial Policy

34. Competition Law

33. Fighting Late Payments Directive

32. EMAS voluntary tool scheme (environmental performance) and e-Certis online guide (public contracts)

31. After-Market Block Exemption Regulation for the automotive sector

30. New VAT regulations in the European Union - impact on invoicing and accounting

29. Basics of balanced distribution collaboration

28. A review on the Machinery Directive - certification & safety

27. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and how to save on energy costs

26. E-invoicing: reasons and benefits for SMEs to adapt to electronic invoicing

25. Review of reach, the EU chemicals policy

24. Review Small Business Act and late payment directive

23. Counterfeiting, part II

22. Intellectual property rights

21. Distribution & online sales

20. Employment measures to boost workforce competitiveness

19. Machinery directive

18. Metric directive

17. Innovation for growth and the environment

16. Corporate taxation. A common system to ease intra-Europe business

15. Environment and industry after Copenhagen

14. Transport and the single market

13. Common trade policy

12. Customs union

11. EU distribution law and the single market

10. Energy saving

9. Waste management

8. IPPC - the integrated pollution and prevention control directive

7. ROHS - reach

6. EU metric directive

5. Mechanical equipment sector

4. Health & safety at work

3. The importance of SMEs to European economies

2. Combating counterfeits

1. Energy efficiency

0. Environment: legislation & PT/MC industry

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