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In an ever changing global business environment it is crucial to look and think outside the box. To succeed in today's business environment, a company must deal with the possible business barriers before they arise and hamper competitiveness.

European Union is the source of 70-80 % of the legislation that governs our everyday life and business practices. No sector can afford to ignore European policies, as it can cost them substantial resources when the European legislation is adopted or altered against the interests of their sector.

The power transmission sector is one of the few industries of this size that still doesn't have an EU affairs monitoring and representation in place. No one is looking after our interests, leaving PT/MC companies exposed to any further legislative risks than can affect the competitiveness and profitability of the sector.

Companies in the PT/MC industry are vulnerable to change in many policy areas such as environment, energy, trade and consumer protection that can affect the competitiveness and profitability of the sector. Examples are countless. No sector can afford to have a blind spor for/ ignore European policies.

EU legislation

EU Monitoring Reports

In an ever-changing borderless business environment you must monitor what is happening in the European legislative landscape in order to stay competitive.

Legal Resources

Legislation and its development in the European Union have an influence on the industry, and how business is conducted.EPTDA gathers some pieces of legislation that are meaningful for industrial distribution, as well...

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