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Strategic Planning In One Day at EPTDA Academy


Join the EPTDA Academy for a one-day course which will help you master the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment through a flexible, yet efficient strategic plan: "Strategic Planning In One Day" on March 7 in Brussels – register here.

The context of the power transmission and motion control industry is rapidly changing: the impact of contemporary ways of communicating is high, the pressure from online sales is mounting, the end-user is becoming more and more important and new markets in the East keep emerging, while markets in the West are stable. This leaves companies and their leaders in a constant race for keeping up, for staying abreast of all the changes and making sure they can translate them into opportunities, and not threats.

Professor Bob de Wit will guide you through the best strategic frameworks which take into account the specific environment of the industry. You can then create a vision of your firm’s future, which will be materialized into priorities for the coming years. Bob de Wit is director of Strategy Works and professor of Strategy Academy. He has worked with EPTDA before in assisting the association's leaders establishing its new 5-year strategic plan, 2013-2018 - click here for a preview

Join EPTDA Academy and witness yourself how you can get better prepared for the future while learning how to make a strategic plan for your organisation in one day!

EPTDA Academy looks forward to welcoming you in Brussels on March 7!

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