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EPTDA Benchmark Analysis 2014


A unique compass for technical distributors in ten key areas of the business

Aimed at distributors, the EPTDA Benchmark Analysis is the one and only monitoring tool tailored by technical distributors, for technical distribution, making strategy measurable. It covers the most relevant performance indicators that distributors monitor to steer their business – customers, finance, processes/inventory, innovation and growth.

The 2014 report, benchmarking 2013 results on 2012 performance, reveals progress in several areas - e-business ratio, innovation, gross profit and average sales per employee. A larger proportion of new products were put on the market in 2013 as compared to the previous year. Meanwhile the rate of new customers decreased. Gross profit ratio progressed slightly in 2013. The average sales per employee had improved on 2012 as well, despite lessening value of average sales per internal sales person. The average sales per external sales person was status quo. In 2013, the Return On Sales (ROS) was similar to the year-before level, while the average order line value was lower. Stock turn was stable as well from 2012 to 2013.

The detailed analysis suggests there are opportunities for industrial distributors to focus on expanding customer base in order to stimulate sales and profit, while continuing investing in new product offering and technology.

As a unique membership benefit, EPTDA distributor members can access the detailed annual Benchmark Analysis report. It is free of charge for participating distributors.

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