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Brussels, 30 April 2014

The EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) – the leading organisation in Europe, Middle-East and Africa for distribution and manufacturing in the mechanical power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) sector is happy to announce six new members have joined the association since February. We have now four new distributor members - Contra Praha (CZ); Distag QCS (UK); Technobearing (RU): and Walther Flender s.r.o. (CZ) – and two new manufacturer members - Flexco Europe GmbH (DE) and Kugel –und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH (DE) - who are ready to reap all the benefits of joining our exclusive platform.

EPTDA is happy to see that the association’s efforts of enlarging in Eastern Europe are steadily taking shape, three out of the six new members being from this region (the first two Czech members and one Russian member). By welcoming Distag QCS, KRW and Flexco Europe, EPTDA is at the same time, strengthening its presence in Western Europe with the addition of premier market players serving distribution and the end-customer with the highest standards. Today, EPTDA has 231 member companies representing more than 26 billion annual sales volume of PT/MC products and employing over 250,000 staff across 30 countries.

The Czech distributor CONTRA Praha has 22 years of experience in chain transmission, distributing chains, chain wheels, lubricants and sprockets. This targeted focus within a highly specialised segment has honed the company’s core knowledge of the business. CONTRA Praha also does construction and project design, cooperates with large manufacturers on the production of specialised chains and chain components, and supplies equipment and tools to the US market. “We are proud to be the first Czech company to join EPTDA. It is a great commitment for us to become a part of this association of distributors and manufacturers of mechanical power transmission and motion control products. We are convinced that this will give a positive boost to our company and is in line with our vision to develop our business based on supplying solutions and high quality services,” said Mr. Karel Kreibich, the founder and director of CONTRA.

With the newly emerged Distag QCS joining EPTDA recently, it has prompted an unusual change of roles for one of their Directors. Last year, Stewart Booth was Chairman of the EPTDA Manufacturer Council, and Chair of their annual convention in Venice, whilst Operations Director at PIX Europe. The company demerged at the end of September, and Distag QCS was reborn as a new National Distributor, with a radically extended product offering. The company now has five product divisions covering Belts; Metal PT Components; Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and Assemblies; Trailer Parts; and Bespoke Engineered Parts. Now re-joining EPTDA as a distributor member, Stewart is looking forward to meeting his former colleagues and friends again. “The EPTDA community provides a wealth of resources; with vital tools and opportunities for growing distributors and manufacturers alike - we want to stay at the forefront of industry developments, and share experiences with the leading companies in Europe. EPTDA, as well as being a brilliantly run organisation, is like a big family and I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone”.

Technobearing, the second Russian EPTDA distributor, was founded in 2007, having the headquarters in St. Petersburg and a local branch in Yaroslavl. The company’s main activity is the distribution of industrial components, such as bearings, linear guides and power transmission parts. Technobearing supplies products to any region of Russia, being the official distributor of high quality manufacturers like ISB (bearings); Fluro (bearings, rod ends); CTS (free wheels and linear guides, actuators); Dixon (low & high pressure fittings and connections); Sati (power transmission components). Key customers include RUSAL, Siemens, Bentec, Ahlstrom, Seaport of St. Petersburg.

In regards to their decision to join EPTDA, Dmitriy Kantsiber, CEO at Technobearing said: “Our goal with joining EPTDA is to enlarge our network with new partners and customers.”

For more than 100 years, new German member KRW (Kugel –und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GMBH) is known as a highly specialised manufacturer of bearing solutions. In the company’s plant in Leipzig, 220 people manufacture bearing solutions under the ‘100% Made in Germany’ banner. KRW develops and constructs high quality bearings for the following industries - Steel plants, cement plants, mining companies, power plants, railway industry, machine tool industry, offshore&ship technology. As a flexible and high quality manufacturer KRW develops large size bearings (ball, roller, taper, spherical) as well as customer specific solutions (25% of the total turnover). “For a few years we have been working on brand awareness in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East. As this is a long and difficult process, we looked for other ways to speed this up. Out of my PT background, I knew EPTDA as an association able to help in the development of a brand. We are looking to come in contact with highly specialised PT distributors with a customer base in our main focus industries (heavy industry, railway, machine tool, offshore&ship technology,...) We strongly believe EPTDA can help us with this development and we are looking forward in a long and positive relationship with both EPTDA and its members,” says Peter Van Geertruyen, Business Development Manager KRW.

FLEXCO Europe GmbH, headquartered in Rosenfeld, Germany, is a leading international provider of mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems, innovative belt cleaners, belt positioners, impact beds and pulley lagging for light- and heavy-duty applications. These products are used in widely different industries. Flexco offers competent consultation and support to its users who can always operate their systems at high level of productivity. “Being the European subsidiary of the worldwide active Flexco organisation, we are optimistic to get the comparable value out of joining EPTDA. Some of our customers are already EPTDA members and we see a good potential for future relationships with potential customers. Located in Germany, we as Flexco Europe GmbH are also focusing on a proliferation of the positive image of our Flexco products, especially in regard to the excellent safety, quality and service we can offer,” said Joerg Schairer, Managing Director of Flexco Europe.

Czech distributor Walther Flender s.r.o., as a professional supplier of belt drives, offers an extensive line of timing belts and V-belts, which is supplemented by their in-house production of pulleys. A broad assortment of motors, transmissions and clutches rounds out their product line. In view of these market success products, the company focuses its efforts on the development and production of entire assemblies as task-specific system applications. Walther Flender s.r.o. stands as a partner committed not only to standards, but also to its customers’ success. Zdenek Bydzovsky, CEO of Walther Flender gives his thoughts on joining EPTDA: „From my point of view, EPTDA membership is a good opportunity to be in touch with companies representing the highest technical standards in the PT industry, displaying the newest and modern technologies of production. I also welcome the opportunity to get new contacts for potential partners – suppliers and customers”.

Every year, EPTDA grows by 25 new members on average, which generates tangible added value for all existing members looking for new channels, products, services and partners. “Our members have chosen EPTDA because it is the one and only community across Europe, the Middle-East and Africa offering business-to-business (B2B) networking and meetings at executive level. This unique service can be experienced at its best during our Annual Convention, a leading event for PT/MC industry decision makers. This year scheduled on 24-26 September in the awarded number one destination for events Istanbul, Turkey, the annual convention is expected to attract 350-400 professionals in the sector, representing close to 200 companies from across 30 countries. This is the perfect occasion to meet our existing and new members in person, as well as other non member market players,” states Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA Executive Vice President.

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