Product Line Intelligence (PLI) Report on Material Handling

Product Line Intelligence (PLI) Report on Material Handling

To be launched in September at EPTDA Annual Convention

After the hugely successful series of Soft Drinks, Chocolate and Automotive industry – outlining the schematic and size of the market – EPTDA will publish its fourth series on Material Handling in September at its Annual Convention.

All intelligence reports published by EPTDA are strictly confidential and available to its members only.

Created by EPTDA’s Know Your Market Committee and e-t2i, PLI provides distribution management and their sales forces with market and production line intelligence on the material handling industry, primarily in warehousing and fulfillment centers. This document explores trends, identifies products used in moving products from point to point, clarifies key challenges and considers the opportunities and how they can be capitalized.

This document has been divided into three parts:

1. Industry Overview

This first section provides an introduction and overview to the material handling industry and gives key background information, market intelligence and major players within the industry. It has been organized as follows:

a. Definition, segments within the industry and market share

b. Market size and coverage

c. European sales data and evolution

d. Current and future market trends

e. Overview of challenges

f. Key demographics

g. Key producers in the materials handling industry

h. Major machine builders

2. Production Line Intelligence

This section illustrates several examples of material handling processes so as to provide an understanding of what is involved and where the opportunities lie. Key customer challenges, major product groups, typical maintenance and improvement projects are identified throughout the line, as well as highlighting potential areas of commercial opportunity for the distributor.

3. Use of PLI

The opportunities within the material handling sector, both for MRO and OEM distribution are significant – an estimated minimum ‘scale of opportunity value’ (SOV) of €750 million has been estimated as available for distribution in the aftermarket. The final section proposed how the document could be used and provides open-ended questions that can be asked to prospective customers in order to reinforce the knowledge gained in parts one and two and to maximise the available opportunities.

All intelligence reports published by EPTDA are strictly confidential and available to its members only. Download now or get in touch with to become a member, to get access:

Material Handling (Published at September Annual Convention)



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