Winning Duo: Istanbul, No. 1 destination for tourists and PT/MC professionals in 2014


TripAdvisor, world's most reputed travel review site awards Istanbul as Number 1 Travel Destination of the World – a fantastic proof of EPTDA's 2014 choice of Annual Convention destination


Istanbul, our destination for the EPTDA Annual Convention in September 2014 has just been designated the number one travel destination in the world by TripAdvisor, more and more travellers all over the world wanting to see this beautiful and culturally rich city. In the past week, the city has been in the news all over the world for trumping the likes of Paris and London as the tourists’ number one hotspot. The breath-taking views, the sumptuous buildings, the warm & welcoming people and the amazing food are just a few of the attractions that Istanbul has to offer. The perfect blend between East and West and new and old best describes Istanbul and is the main attraction point of this great city. As a foreigner, you get the chance to experience a new culture without getting too far away from your comfort zone since you can easily mistake many areas of the European side of Istanbul with a busy street of any European capital.

In 2014, Istanbul is THE city for the power transmission and motion control industry as well, since this is where we will be expecting all of you at the EPTDA Annual Convention. With a valuable conference programme scheduled to take place at the Hilton Bosphorus hotel and a rich cultural programme which will include Sufi traditional dancers for the Welcome Reception and a gala dinner taken in one of the palaces of the sultans, this year yet again, EPTDA is ready to show you that business and pleasure can be mixed at the highest level. By choosing the Hilton Boshporus Hotel, the first Hilton hotel outside the USA, we want our delegates and their spouses to enjoy the best facilities and services in Istanbul. Hilton Bosphorus Hotel is the first modern hotel built from the ground up in the post-World War II Europe. As we have accustomed you in the past 16 years, this unique business summit combines B2B meetings during the dedicated Manufacturer-Distributor IDea Exchange (MD-IDEX); executive education facilitated by business gurus and captains of the sector; industry forum; as well as social networking in a professional yet informal atmosphere. The social programme we have ready for you in Istanbul includes a trip to the Grand Bazaar, a boat trip on the Bosphorus, a tour of the Old City and many more interesting activities that will give you a good feel of this exquisite destination!

Register now and don’t waste any more time before booking your flights and accommodation, as you can see, Istanbul is in high demand!

Getting the early bird registration fee for members before 4 July will decrease your overall costs so book ahead of this date!

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