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White paper on trends in end-user markets


The EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), premier platform for qualified distributors and manufacturers in the mechanical power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industry, just released a white paper on trends in sector-related end-user markets.

Pan-European industrial challenges and opportunities were discussed at the EPTDA All Committees’ Days meetings organised in Brussels this year. The EPTDA distributor members, responsible since 1998 for promoting and developing best industrial practices and continuing education, shared their market experience and identified major trends in the end-user industries as an exclusive resource for PT/MC professionals. Gathering unique insights from those leading distributors, the outcome of the discussions has been collated in a white paper giving a clearer picture of the trends in the PT/MC end-users markets and their specific needs and expectations with regard to industrial distribution.

Changes in the customer habits and technological evolution are aspects that industrial distributors, along with their manufacturing partners, can no longer ignore. The white paper is available on the public website of EPTDA - click here.

For an Italian translation of the white paper please click here.


EPTDA is the leading association for the industrial distribution channel in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, setting the highest commercial, environmental, social and ethical standards. EPTDA currently has a membership of more than 240 leading companies across 30 countries worldwide, that represent over 26 billion euros annual sales volume and 250,000 employees. EPTDA’s mission is to strengthen its members in the industrial distribution channel to be successful, profitable and competitive in serving customers according to the highest standards. EPTDA takes great pride in its values which focus on being a premier community for qualified members through open dialogue and mutual respect; acting with integrity, honesty and fairness; and ensuring continuous growth and learning.

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