Annual Convention in Barcelona

EPTDA hosts a mega successful Annual Convention in Barcelona and appoints its 2015-2016 Board of Directors

EPTDA, the leading association in the PT/MC industry across Europe, the Middle East & Africa region hosted another successful Annual Convention in Barcelona in September. High-on-content, high-on-opportunities, high-on-energy and high-on-entertainment, the 2015 Annual Convention took the association to new heights of global recognition.

The association announced surpassing its membership growth target, a year ahead of time. The EPTDA now features 259 companies as part of its membership. Close to 450 delegates and guests from 30 countries and 85 NEXGEN representatives took part in the Barcelona Annual Convention. Almost 100 delegates were attending for the first time, out of which 20 representing non-member companies, many now keen to join as a member.

EPTDA also hosted its most successful ever MD-IDEX meetings sessions with a total of 847 meetings between manufacturers and distributors members. 85 Manufacturer companies were represented at the MD-IDEX further signaling the association’s position as a powerful industry influencer.

“We are incredibly proud of the journey that EPTDA is currently on. The Barcelona Annual Convention attendance figures and the continuous commitment from our members is a strong indicator that we are powering ahead successfully on our strategy, vision and mission to strengthen industrial distribution globally,” said Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President.

“In the years ahead, we will evolve from a Networking Organization to a Navigator Organization to steer further development of industrial distribution across Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and beyond. We have launched several new initiatives in Barcelona to help drive this evolution through creating more business development opportunities between manufacturers and distributors but also distributors and distributors. We will invest an incredible effort in developing online PT/MC training programs offered for free to our members. We will further strengthen our brand awareness through a powerful social media dialogue with our members and industry influencers. We will continue to invest in attracting more NEXGEN leaders to become members and volunteers to serve behind the scenes of our association to prepare it for the Millennial challenge,” adds Hans Hanegreefs.

At the Annual Convention, the EPTDA also elected its 2016 Board of Directors and Curt Carlsson from Nomo Kullager, Sweden – as its new President. Curt Carlsson has been a member of the association since 2001 and has since then served in several committees and councils, and helped define the long-term strategy of the association.

EPTDA’s 2015-2016 Board of Directors Members are:

· President: Curt Carlsson – Nomo Kullager, Sweden

· Past President& Treasurer: Elisabeth Meister – Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co, Germany

· Vice President: Dick Winkelhuis – Spruit Transmissies, The Netherlands

· Manufacturer Chair: Carlo Rondelli– Bonfiglioli, Italy

· Board Member at large and Advisory Council Liaison: Roberto Cugnaschi – Mondial, Italy

· Board Member at large: Meino Noordenbos, - Biesheuvel Groep, The Netherlands

· Board Member at large: Christian Collignon – IPH Group, France

· Board Member at large: Moris Romi – RIMA, Italy

· Board Member at large: Samer Khalil –Doctor Establishment Import & Export, Egypt

· Board Member at large: Athanasios Kouimtzis – Kouimtzis, Greece

· Board Member at large: Jan Friman – YTM-Industrial, Finland

“I am looking forward to serving as the EPTDA’s President in 2016 and continuing onwards and upwards on the fantastic journey that we are currently on – the one of growth, learning and development, geographic expansion, valuable partnerships between manufacturers and distributors, sustainable development of our business worldwide and setting the highest ethical commercial standards in industrial distribution industry,” commented Curt Carlsson, EPTDA’s newly appointed President.

EPTDA is a socially responsible association and is fully committed to helping the communities that it operates in. At the Barcelona Annual Convention, the association and its members donated € 10,295 in charity to Salesians Fundacio Magone, which aims to support vulnerable children and young people by raising funds needed to give them a chance to grow.

For more details on the 2015 Annual Convention program, speakers presentations and event photos, please visit

EPTDA’s 2016 Annual Convention will take place in Berlin from September 21 to 23 at the Estrel Hotel Berlin. More information to follow


EPTDA is the leading association for the industrial distribution channel in Europe, Middle East & Africa, setting the highest commercial, environmental, social and ethical standards. EPTDA currently has a membership of 259 leading companies across 32 countries worldwide, representing nearly 30 billion euros annual sales volume and 300,000 employees. The association’s mission is to strengthen its members in the industrial distribution channel to be successful, profitable and competitive in serving customers according to the highest standards. EPTDA takes great pride in its values which focus on being a premier community for qualified members through open dialogue and mutual respect; acting with integrity, honesty and fairness; and ensuring continuous growth and learning.


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