Find out HERE what motivated companies to become member of EMEA’s leading organisation, representing key distributor as well as leading manufacturer companies active in the PT/MC Industry.

  • "I have come to recognise EPTDA as a valuable association, which undertakes and registers reputable companies with professional knowledge and international experience. Being a part of this global network will add to the brand awareness of my own company, thus leading to greater business development opportunities. Becoming a member of EPTDA gives us the possibility to meet important top management representatives and have meaningful discussions for future growth and development of our product range and partnerships."

Carol Bartha, General Manager of Leco Impex SRL

  • "For Otto Olsen AS, it is of great interest to become a part of EPTDA - an association that brings together premium distribution companies with the best products and knowledge of the international marketplace. We look forward to exploring more business opportunities within the worldwide network of EPTDA."

Ole Melhus, Chairman of Otto Olsen group.

  • "We believe that the EPTDA will contribute to raising the brand awareness in both the industry and amongst potential customers. This was the main reason for us to become a member of EPTDA, besides all the other benefits for which EPTDA is known for. We are also very delighted that EPTDA is emerging as a leading organisation across Europe, the Middle East and Africa – a region which is of great development importance to Bode."

Marc Geel, International Sales Manager at Bode Belting.

  • "We decided to join EPTDA because it is an important organization in our market and we believe we can benefit from the networking it facilitates. Also, it is a good medium for us to learn best practices from other parties. An association such as EPTDA is very positive since it brings together manufacturers and distributors, which do not always have the same point of view."

Juan Manuel Ortega, Director General of Rodamientos Y Servicios (ROYSE)

  • "As a manufacturer member of the EPTDA we look forward to making new contacts with important distributor members and also demonstrating the benefits of selling MRO chemical products to those distributor members yet to realize the potential of this revenue stream."

Jean Paul Dumortier, European Marketing Manager at CRC Industries Europe.

  • "The speed dating with new potential suppliers for our companies was interesting and could contribute to our growing goals. It’s also a good way of following our business markets and determine our future strategy, which is an ongoing process."

Olaf van den Ven, Managing Director at Mijnsbergen

  • "EPTDA is definitely the most known PT distributor association in Europe. Joining such association enables manufacturers like us to reach out for new distributors in Europe by successfully promoting their brand and production capacity. If we want to expand on the market -and we do - it's quiet obvious that we have to join the EPTDA community where we'll have direct access to new potential customers."

Baptiste Le Goff, CEO at Merger

  • "EPTDA is clearly the premier association in all of Europe and as we expand our business throughout Europe we hope to utilize EPTA distributor members in key markets."

Bob Callahan, Executive Director at SENQCIA MAXCO

  • "As we are aware of the value and quality of our products, we are more and more directed towards the international market. The perfect solution has been to join EPTDA, and be part of the leading association for the industrial distribution channel in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, using this stage to make new contacts with important distributors and meet new customers."

Miria Bastoni, Sales Manager at MecVel.

  • "Our decision to become an EPTDA member is the natural effect of our “nature”, already having a widespread worldwide presence, through subsidiaries and agencies. By joining EPTDA we aim to improve our worldwide presence thanks to new mutually beneficial partnerships with EPTDA member colleagues."

Stefano Magni, Sales Manager Unimec

  • "Partnering with the EPTDA ensures that as our business evolves, we remain aligned with the needs and demands that are specific to the European customer base."

Kurt Gamelin, Chief Executive Officer at Cone Drive

  • "EPTDA, as the leading industry organization for power transmission industrial applications, provides a highly visible and reputable platform to communicate our product and service offering and build relationships with new distribution partners."

Mike Page, European Sales Director at Cone Drive.

  • "WPT Power is honored to be involved with EPTDA. The EPTDA is a great fit for developing an international presence for us as a manufacturer. We have been associated with their sister organization, PTDA for a long time and they have helped us connect with quality distributors in North America. EPTDA has a commitment to the best professional practices in mechanical power transmission and we are looking forward to growing relationships in the European community."

Steve St. John, Marketing Manager at WPT.

  • "Being a member of EPTDA will allow our company to be a part of a family of top quality distributors and manufacturers in the PT/MC industry in Europe. This means we will be at the forefront of market and economic trends, strength relationships and share experiences and practices with the rest of the members."

Josep Garcia, International Business Manager at Lindis.

  • "We joined EPTDA as we recognised an efficient and forward looking organisation which promoted best practise amongst its members and backed this up with a comprehensive and ongoing training programme useful to all staff members."

Jordan Spanner, Managing Director at Corsair Sarl.

  • "We firmly believe in the power of networking for progress, and we consider the exchange of information and experience to be of priceless value. Market data will surely help us to drive our business forward and keep our services up to date based on customer needs. We attended the Annual Convention in Barcelona as guests, and we truly appreciated the environment, as well as the experience."

Luca Martelli, CEO at TRM.

  • "The internet is changing the world, the way we work and our expectations. If you think global, there are no limits to the possibilities; if you act local, there are no limits to the threats. We see the world, our world, as our playground and want to meet and learn from other distributors and manufacturers. EPTDA is the perfect platform to find the right sparring partners, as we already discovered at the 2015 Barcelona convention."

Andre Looijen, Managing Director at Duursma

  • "For us, as a globally oriented, integrated high-tech enterprise with a decent market share of the power transmission-related business, it is a must to be part of this community. We believe that EPTDA is the most important organisation to promote the PT industry and offers an outstanding platform for exchanging ideas with business partners."

Thomas Ammerpohl, Sales Manager at NACHI

  • "We believe that our presence in EPTDA will allow for an even faster growth of our company. The amount of membership benefits is innumerable, and the annual meetings are invaluable opportunities to broaden the horizons. The presence among such respectable companies puts our company in a good position from the perspective of our clients."

Mateusz Glura , Proxy at MARGO

  • "Attending 2016’s Annual Convention as a guest in Berlin felt like coming back home. Being able to meet so many leaders in PT/MC industry was a great opportunity, not only to reinstall former relationships but also to establish new business contacts. The professionalism and open mind-set of all participants, having the same common passion for power transmission, is exceptional, and create the prefect forum for discussions. We are therefore very glad to become part and hope to contribute to the future development of EPTDA."

Rudi Ramaekers, CEO of Rindus

  • "To know what is happening in our world EPTDA is an invaluable partner. At the EPTDA conference we have quick and efficient meetings with global suppliers. Here we learn about developments and innovation happening in our sector worldwide even before they occur. This way we can provide exceptional value and service to all of our customers. Wherever our customer goes, we follow - and if needed, we lead the way."

Bernard Verhelst, Owner at PARTOOL.

  • "We believe that the EPTDA is a Professional, ethical and widely respected Association who can assist our company meeting and associating with like-minded Manufacturers and Distributors. We are very pleased in being offered the opportunity to join such an Association as EPTDA."

Steven Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Thompson Couplings Limited.

  • "We are very excited to join the growing community of the EPTDA, especially with our 50th year of business next year. We firmly believe that membership of the association will allow us to generate more business relationships as we seek to expand across Europe. Being associated with the respected current members of the EPTDA can only benefit the reputation we already have with our existing customers and distribution channels."

Chris Smith, International Sales at Pennine

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