B2B Networking

EPTDA has created a valuable platform for interaction between the key decision makers of the PT/MC industry, through specially created events and tools which facilitate the social interaction, the creation of strong partnerships and the sharing of best practices.Join EPTDA today and benefit from it!

Contacts, Networking and Know-How

EPTDA is the first and only association in Europe, Middle-East & Africa offering a platform for discussion and exchange of best practice for both distributors and manufacturers in the power transmission and motion control industry.

This powerful forum addresses PT/MC- and distribution-related matters such as distributor-manufacturer relationships, standardisation, development of 'EUROLAND', distribution policy of manufacturers and any other concerns that may be of interest to PT/MC distributors and manufacturers.

EPTDA also creates numerous opportunities for decision-making, executive-level networking.

Every year, EPTDA hosts hundreds of PT/MC professionals, both members and non-members, during its Annual Convention in a different European city. The Annual Convetions offer a combination of all --education, executive workshops, networking, economic insight and social experience.

Saving time and money through NETWORKING at the EPTDA Annual Convention

Within just two days, distributors can meet manufacturers they are already working with but also make new contacts and set up business relationships with new manufacturers in order to widen their product ranges. Manufacturers at their end can within a mere span of two days meet with many qualified distributors, sustain existing business partnerships and start new ones, expanding their sales networks.

B2B Manufacturer-Distributor IDea EXchange (MD-IDEX) programme

Distributors and manufacturers also have the chance to meet within a more specific framework called the MD-IDEX. Consistently rated the most valuable feature of the Annual Convention, the Manufacturer-Distributor IDea EXchange (MD-IDEX) offers a unique opportunity for executive managers to meet one-on-one. It is a highly effective forum for productive dialogue, learning about the latest product offerings and arrange private discussions about matters of mutual interest and concern. The MD-IDEX features 12 appointments of 30 minutes each - an exclusive venue for quality business time.

Key industry contacts

EPTDA offers access to an international database of PT/MC distributors and manufacturers, and gives a better overview of new products and suppliers.

The Voice of the Manufacturer

EPTDA 2019 – Production Line Intelligence, Material Handling

PLI 4: Material Handling

PLI 3: Automotive Industry

PLI 2: Confectionery Industry

PLI 1: Soft Drinks Industry

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