Recession expected in 2015


EPTDA's Bimonthly economic outlook for the first two months of the year 2015 provided with the support of ITR economics

Economic sanctions, banking woes, and declining exports are weighing on economic activity in Europe. Annual Western Europe Industrial Production, up a mere 0.6% from last year, is expected to fall into recession imminently, and the decline in annual activity will extend throughout 2015.Eastern Europe is outperforming Western Europe, annual Industrial Production is up 3.3% from one year ago, but unrest in Ukraine and a heavy reliance on a defiant Russia will drive this economy into mild recession next year as well. Western sanctions against Russia were targeted to impact the Russian energy, defense, and banking sectors, but the policies are actually making a wider impact. Renewables take a bigger and bigger share of power generation in Europe. EPTDA Members can read the full economic report in the Members Area section of the website HERE.

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