EU Monitoring 37

EPTDA EU Monitoring Report No. 37: European Commission ask Member States for incisive action to strength industrial competitiveness

EPTDA members should take into consideration the last European Competitiveness Report 2014 released by the European Commission. It concludes that European Union (EU) manufacturing possesses a number of competitive strengths that should be leveraged to promote economic growth, despite the current difficult economic environment.

EPTDA members should be aware of the main causes for weak productivity growth in the EU: high labour and energy costs, consistent underinvestment of the European companies and reduced access to funding.

The Commission request Member States to tackle lack of investment, to limit access to finance, high energy prices and inefficient public administration in order to put its companies and SMEs in a stronger position to compete in the global market place.

Meanwhile, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, is going to launch new proposals for an industrial strategy early this year 2015. Her new approach must be concrete and that the overriding aim must be to promote the competitiveness of European industry.

If you are an EPTDA member, you can read the full report in Members Area HERE.

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