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EPTDA EU Monitoring Report No. 35: A race to reverse the decline in EU manufacturing

The European Industrial policy should be high on the agenda for EPTDA members, taking into account that Europe is a world-leader in many strategic sectors such as engineering, automobiles, aeronautics, space, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

In that sense, the European Commission and the European Council are in broad agreement over the need to relaunch manufacturing industries. The Commission has been the most vocal EU institution campaigning for the continent’s industrial revival, positioning itself as a driver of competitiveness and job creation.

EPTDA members should know that, in order to achieve this objectives, the Commission, supported by European leaders, agree on seeking a ‘new industrial revolution’ to raise industrial activity to 20% of EU gross domestic product by 2020, compared to just over 15% today, taking it back up to pre-crisis levels.

The policy is calling for short-term, focused investment in key industrial sectors with high growth prospects, including clean technologies. However, activists fear the push to “streamline” industrial concerns in all other policy areas will come at the expense of environmental regulations, and sometimes consumers.

If you are an EPTDA member, you can read the full report in Members Area HERE.

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