EU Monitoring Report 32 - EMAS and e-CERTIS support better business positioning in the EU


EPTDA's 32nd EU-Monitoring report features a description of two useful tools developed by the European Commission – one to use in your efforts to increase your environmental performance and one to increase your chances to win public tenders inside the EU:

• EMAS voluntary tool scheme (environmental performance)

• e-CERTIS online guide (public contracts)

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary tool scheme which allows all types of organizations to improve their environmental performance and achieve recognition for doing so.The aim of EMAS is to recognise and reward those organisations that go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance. Convincing evidence was found for a number of benefits arising from EMAS registration, including reduced costs for resources and waste management, risk minimisation, regulatory compliance, regulatory relief, improved relations with internal and external stakeholders, and achieving competitive advantage.

e-CERTIS is a free, on-line guide to the different documents & certificates required from companies tendering for public contracts in any EU country. It helps companies to identify which documents and certificates they need to submit when tendering for a contract in a European country and contracting authorities in European countries to establish what documents they need to ask tenderers for – or can accept. However, e-CERTIS remains a reference source. It simply gives a better understanding of the various documents requested and accepted in different countries, and their content. The fact that e-CERTIS suggests that a document from country A corresponds to a particular certificate from country B shall not be legally binding.

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