Competition Law

EU Monitoring Report 34: What companies can do better to respect EU competition rules

Competition law is a very important legal aspect for EPTDA members taking into account that cartels are usually born at different levels of the supply chain, out of distribution agreements between suppliers and re-sellers. For this reason, EPTDA members need to be aware of the dangers of not complying with EU law and of how to have a pro-active approach and create a supportive strategy of compliance with the law.

An active and supportive strategy of compli­ance with the law and business ethics can certainly enhance a company’s reputation and attractiveness for promotional and recruitment purposes, in much the same way as an explicit environmental or family-friendly agenda would do. An effective strategy enables a company to minimize the risk of involvement in competition law infringements, and the costs resulting from anti-competitive behaviour.

The fines which the European Commission imposes on companies that infringe EU competition rules can be very substantial, even as high as 10 % of a company’s annual worldwide turnover. It should be noted that fines may be imposed even where the illegal purpose of an infringement was not actually achieved.

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