2 are now 1: Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Events Worldwide (IAMD) Hannover (former MDA Hannover)

Strategic alliance with Deutsche Messe

Starting with 2018, Deutsche Messe is merging the Motion, Drive and Automation Fair (MDA) and the Industrial Automation Fair in one single event: the Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Events Worldwide (IAMD) Hannover. Consequently the event will now take place annually but EPTDA offers the solution to these companies who cannot allocate large budgets annually. With its excellent location and cost-efficient turnkey-pavillion, it offers smaller types of booths while still benefiting of the enormous visibility created by the EPTDA as well as the extra services offered on-site.

Since 2003, the EPTDA has sustained and fostered solid partnerships with leading industry event and trade fair organizers to create competitive solutions securing cost-effective, optimum brand visibility. Reinforcing its position in 2010, the EPTDA signed a formal alliance with Deutsche Messe, opening up a vast network of professional PT/MC industry fairs worldwide under preferential conditions, with increased access to international peers, partners and potential customers.

One of the key benefits of this strategic alliance is the exclusive exhibitor and visitor packages designed especially for EPTDA – and PTDA – members attending the Hannover Fair in Germany: Motion, Drive & Automation (to become Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives - IAMD - starting with 2018) - one of the leading trade fairs for Power Transmission and Motion Control.

The Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Events Worldwide (IAMD) is the ideal exhibiting platform for EPTDA and PTDA members to market their products and services to a vast international audience.

The joint EPTDA/PTDA Pavilion is a flexible venue offering complete turnkey solutions, premium onsite services and full-range support at reduced member rates. It is designed to help you:

  • Tap into established and emerging markets
  • Present your products to decision-makers from around the globe
  • Generate more international sales in less time
  • Identify potential joint-venture partners
  • Increase global awareness of your company
  • Evaluate the latest international products, trends and competition.

One-stop, turnkey solution

Since 2003, the PTDA/EPTDA Pavilion offers members of all sizes a low-cost, one-stop, turnkey solution. It gives members the opportunity to have a visible presence at this renowned international exhibition while maintaining their individual company identity. All without the cost of a large island booth. Manufacturer members can use the fair as a springboard to build international distribution relatively quickly, or to meet with existing international distributor partners and OEM customers. Distributors from around the world come to the event searching for new suppliers and products.

In addition, the joint pavilion offers priceless networking opportunities with peers in the industry, other EPTDA and PTDA members, as well as potential business partners!


The EPTDA/PTDA pavilion in Hannover will provide distributors and manufacturers of power transmission and motion control technology with an excellent opportunity to take part in a joint display in an ideal industrial...


EPTDA acknowledges that the change from the biennial MDA to the annual IAMD will impact its members companies in regards to budgeting, and wishes to continue the trend it has anticipated already years ago, offering a...


The EPTDA/PTDA Member Exhibitor Pavilion at MDA Hannover 2017 brought together 25 EPTDA member companies, altogether covering more than 500 SQM’s (NET) exhibition area, the biggest in the Association’s history.

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