2017 EDS

Executive Development Seminar ‘How to Build the New Industrial Sales Model’


Presented by Tom Gale

President, Gale Media

The role of the traditional outside salesperson is already being disrupted by the rise of Amazon and other new competitors. Customer expectations of the buying process have shifted significantly. Yet most industrial sellers – distributors and manufacturers –still try to retain or grow business by using the same strategy, techniques and selling skills that worked ten years ago. This is not a sustainable model in the face of disruptive technology and market forces.

Our afternoon workshop at the EPTDA All Committee Days in London will address how to create and transition to a more adaptive and customer-responsive multichannel and team-based selling process. We will explore leading best practices and case studies of North American distributors who are transforming their selling models to leverage e-commerce, customer relationship management tools and analytics to build competitive advantage for the future.

You will leave this workshop armed with transformational concepts and a road map for how to lead your team forward! You’ll learn the elements to build a sales model that’s right for your business and hear how other distribution executives have succeeded in making this transition to more deeply engage their customers and grow their business.

What the future looks like

Here’s a quick look at the new industrial sales model and the ideas we will be discussing:

The sales model of the future is team-based and management directed. Companies are transitioning from generalist field sales reps to specialists and adding inside customer service representatives, inbound and outbound telephone sales, product specialists and quotation departments that narrow the responsibility of the field salesperson. The role that remains is focused on new business development and demand creation.

They are adding real marketing functions – integrated closely with the sales team – that identify new business opportunities, creating targeted, clear value propositions that make customers more deeply engaged by increasing their switching costs and building a playbook of value-added service offerings. The responsibility of identifying growth opportunities shifts from the field salesperson to the marketing department.

The field salesperson is shifting away from servicing their existing book of business, as that business transitions to lower cost and higher efficiency alternatives. The field salesperson instead is conducting needs analyses for customers, documenting real customer cost savings and disrupting the old-school traditional salespeople from competitors by taking their customers away.

They no longer are defined by a set of assigned customers that largely remain unchanged. They have customer-recognized experts in product selection and application, specific markets or specific business challenges.

Fear often holds distributors hostage to the old sales model. There may be significant risks when making this kind of change, but the risks of not changing may be larger. And not every company is prepared to succeed. Our time together in London will allow you to develop the strategy and tactics with your leadership team to build a more adaptive and successful sales model that can thrive, even through disruptive business cycles and competitive pressures.

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